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 Consoles & Technology Rules

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PostSubject: Consoles & Technology Rules   Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:35 pm

**PLEASE NOTE: Although they are not stated here, the main rules found here still apply.**

Here are the rules for the Consoles & Technology section.

  • No console bashing. When a person posts about the PS3, don't say "omg ps3 sux xbox ftw", give your opinion if it is part of the discussion.
  • Don't post threads about games, they belong in the Game Discussion area.
  • Don't provide pirated content, hacks, viruses or other exploits to games, consoles, programs, or similar things. Also, don't trick people into harming their hardware by telling them to do something harmful, such as linking someone to a download of a program that turns out to be a virus. These threads will be definitely locked.
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Consoles & Technology Rules

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